Thursday, January 1, 2015

Top 20 Twitter Influencers in Jordan - Jan 2015

Influencers are: people who are Active, Able to spread their word as far as possible (retweets), and those who Make much buzz on twitter (mentions) in addition to other factors

TOP  20

* RPT: Retweets per Tweet
* RTT: Retweeted Tweets
* UR: Unique Retweeters
* INI: Influence Index 

# Screen name *INI Retweets Mentions Followers *RTT *RPT *UR
1 Deema22 60.993 5006 2392 47136 912 5.49 929
2 QueenRania 42.846 1374 728 3475798 60 22.9 514
3 OlaAlfares 36.638 1700 1076 2310288 172 9.88 689
4 RoyaTV 20.6 2071 1393 242030 624 3.32 891
5 RHCJO 11.426 3875 292 72299 314 12.34 634
6 ZainJo 10.079 2014 998 211727 370 5.44 371
7 AlghadNews 7.326 2152 1474 219364 1298 1.66 599
8 MohammedAssaf89 5.361 606 1685 1037439 80 7.58 84
9 Dr_alqarnee 3.078 3124 121 7969634 638 4.9 1038
10 orangeJo 3.074 1337 743 103953 388 3.45 240
11 Fahedjaarah 2.932 733 294 24524 125 5.86 340
12 Kharabeesh 2.104 1531 188 154526 548 2.79 800
13 HadeeelN 2.095 886 523 25031 352 2.52 318
14 3ajramista 2.088 524 428 3078 137 3.82 255
15 ZaynaHamarneh 2.051 999 387 22574 300 3.33 318
16 NancyAjram     1.905 421 392 4868929 78 5.4 180
17 _dragma 1.807 641 283 6790 113 5.67 225
18 mohammad_adawi  1.584 350 362 9702 88 3.98 220
19 A_zaatreh 1.575 661 430 2711 214 3.09 237
20 RabeaHamdan 1.487 401 284 6612 82 4.89 214

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Data, Duration & Methodology

  • More than 1,190,541  tweets were used
  • We tracked tweets/retweets/mentions originating from Jordan only 
  • Data collected from 10 Nov 2014 to 1 Jan 2015
  • Non Jordanian accounts are included since they are being mentioned and their tweets are being retweeted by users living in the Jordan

For Influencers in other Arab countries click here

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