Monday, June 24, 2013

Top 15 Twitter Influencers in Egypt - June 2013

Today, we have publicly released the first 15 names from our "Top 200 Twitter Influencers in Egypt" list

We define influencers to be people how are Active, Able to spread their word as far as possible (retweets), and those who Make much buzz on twitter (mentions) in addition to other factors

Top 15 List

Rank  Screen name  Grade  Retweets  Mentions Followers  RPT*
1  DrBassemYoussef  11.292 7711 3145 1589943 107.1
2  AlMasryAlYoum 7.513 5385 1772 1281781 2.64
3  nawaranegm 7.42 3783 3444 551224 7.74
4  Mounir_Tweets 6.754 6597 92 62999 23.48
5  MustafaHosny 5.67 5270 316 350020 39.62
6  IdolAhmedGamal 5.197 1612 3562 159984 7.23
7  Hazem_Azim 5.168 1814 3201 316726 12.09
8  youm7 5.116 4064 907 661941 2.33
9  Tahrirawi 4.781 4284 393 68075 15.87
10  eahram 4.585 3759 660 1187791 2.29
11  MuhammadMorsi 4.208 1150 2978 1577034 16.67
12  ahmadesseily 4.198 2790 1300 407418 9.03
13  hameed_farouq 3.642 3091 481 32521 15.38
14  Elma7roossa 3.592 1648 1727 51086 3.23
15  ahmedhlmy 3.582 2767 762 21204 9.74

* RPT: Retweet per Tweet

Data Used to derive the list
  • More than 1,500,000 tweets used to derive the original list  ( top 200 )
  • We tracked Egyptian tweets/retweets/mentions only

The top 200 list can be purchased here

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  1. You are counting absolute number of retweets?! It is the average retweets (per tweet) that measures influence.

  2. We have our own Equation for measuring influence, and it includes both AVG RTPT and TOTAL RT and many other factors

    1. Total RT doesn't reflect influence. If a person does a 1000 tweets a day, with an average of 2 retweets (perhaps of the same two people), how can he/she be higher influence than a person who does 10 tweets a day, with an average of 50 retweets?

    2. Again:
      1- We have our own Equation based on our own research, you can't claim you have the best formula, so do we
      2- If a person does 1000 tweet each of 2 retweets then 2000 accounts are reached ( assuming not the same persons are always doing the retweets ) which is more than the other person who reached 500 accounts only (10x50)
      3- We DON'T DEPEND ON TOTAL RT ONLY - as you can see in the table - there are many factors (Ex: Mentions) and some of which are not shown here
      4- We also take the activity as a factor, an active influencer has much more effect than the lazy one

    3. I'm not claiming anything. I'm only suggesting that TOTAL RT isn't indicative of anything, and that removing it from your equation would produce a list that better reflects actual influence.
      You cannot base a measure on an assumption, we were taught. Test it yourself, and study how much repetition occurs in the people retweeting any one person. It makes sense too, a fan is a fan!

      I agree and understand that mentions and followers must be in your equation.
      And even activity but only to some extent (with a small weight). Seriously, just think Baradei, to mention one example!! who doesn't appear on your list by the way! Lazy? I don't know, but I'm pretty sure of his tweets' influence.

      I like the idea, just think it still needs improvement. Good luck

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