Thursday, June 20, 2013

How do we Measure Facebook Page Performance (25PG)

25trends Facebook Page Grade (25PG) is our unique way of measuring the performance of Facebook pages, it is mainly based on number of fans and user engagement

Practically, the grade will be from 0-200 in which higher is better

25PG Equation

The first part of the equation calculates how much fans the page has compared to other pages, a page having millions of fans should be given higher rank than that of 20,000 fans

Why do we divide on 100 million ? this is the MAX number of fans perceived/expected in any page as of today

The second part measures user engagement in the page, which is the most important factor to judge any page, what we do is to sum all engagements (Shares, Likes, Comments) in the last 25 posts and divide that by the number of fans

This provides a conclusion around "How much of your Fans are engaged in the page"

You can measure your page grade here:

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