Monday, January 14, 2013

25trends Major Release (14 Jan 2013)

Today 14 Jan 2013, a new version of 25trends has been released, if you asked me to describe this version i would say : "Very Mature", "Neat", "Unique and innovative new services"

In this release

  1. Complete UI re-design
  2. 3 NEW Services:
    • Youtube Video Analytics
    • Facbook Posts Analytics
    • Twitter Local Trending topics 

Youtube Video Analytics

A very unique service, and by unique i mean i didn't find a similar service until this moment, this service analyses a youtube video and answers the following questions

  1. If we would give this video a grade, what could be the grade of that video compared to others ?
  2. What is the reach value of the video, reach = social sharing + video views 
  3. What is the engagement value for the video, did people engage enough ? engagement = likes + dislikes + comments number
  4. What is the overall feedback of the users on the video ? you will be able to see the % of positivity and negativity in user comments + the normal like/dislike numbers of Youtube
  5. What is the main topics in users discussions
You will also be able to know the most active users through comments, languages used, and the comments 

Facebook posts Analytics

Analyse any post in any public facebook page to know if people are positive or negative towards that post and how buzzing is the post

Twitter Local Trending topics

Personally i like this service so much, for the first time you will be able to know what's trending in Egypt and the Arab countries in any point in time, the thing that twitter does not provide for countries in the region until now

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